Dave Arthur is a front-end web developer living and working out of Vancouver and Gibsons, BC on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Dave passionately follows progressive web technologies and techniques. He also loves biking!

Recent Work


Gridulator to CSS Tool

Gridulator is a handy tool to quickly design simple pixel based grids. Unfortunately, it doesn’t create the CSS for the grid system.

I initially created this tool for my Langara CSS Fundamentals class to help teach grid systems in web design. Calculating CSS for grids is annoying so I wanted to simplify the process!

Check out the code on GitHub …


Dave developed and taught the following front-end web development classes at Langara College (Continuous Studies) in Vancouver, BC:

Speaking & Workshops

Introduction to the Sass CSS preprocessor

Coast Coding Meetup, Gibsons, BC on . Demo site

Create an Engaging Website with WordPress

WoW! A Weekend of Workshops (via FUSE Community Work Hub), Gibsons, BC on .

Mobile Device Sharing On The Sunshine Coast

@SCtechhub Meetup, Gibsons, BC on . Slides

The Evolution of Selectors

CSS Brigade Meetup, Vancouver, BC on . Slides

Enhancing Web Forms with HTML5 and CSS3

Vancouver HTML5 Meetup, Vancouver, BC on . Slides