Learn CSS At Langara College

Course Overview

In CSS: Cascading Style Sheet Fundamentals, you will learn the theory behind Cascading Style Sheets and how to hand code a challenging grid-based, modular website layout from the ground up using current best practices.

For your final project you will design and develop a website of your interest incorporating all of the concepts learned in class.

Topics you will learn

  • Coding modular HTML
  • Choosing Selectors and Values
  • The CSS Box Model
  • Grid Design and Implementation
  • Floating and Positioning
  • Image Sprites
  • Typography on the Web
  • Internet Explorer Workarounds


Dave Arthur

Dave Arthur is a front-end web developer and web technologies instructor living and working out of Gibsons, BC on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Dave passionately follows progressive web technologies and techniques including HTML5, CSS3 and multi-device web design and development. He also loves biking!

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