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Course Overview

Improving HTML/CSS Development Workflows will explore different approaches to produce more maintainable and re-usable HTML and CSS code. You will learn how use the popular Sass preprocessor language and the Compass framework to speed up CSS authoring and make it easier to do tasks like setting up a grid for responsive designs, generating sprite images and integrating CSS3 into your designs without worrying about vendor prefixes.

NOTE: Completion of CSS Fundamentals or a good knowledge of CSS is strongly recommended for this course.

Topics you will learn

  • The Cascade & Inheritance
  • Object Oriented CSS
  • Naming Conventions
  • Refactoring Code
  • Sass Preprocessor
  • Compass Framework
  • Sass-based Grid Frameworks
  • Creating Front End Style Guides


Dave Arthur

Dave Arthur is a front-end web developer and web technologies instructor living and working out of Gibsons, BC on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Dave passionately follows progressive web technologies and techniques including HTML5, CSS3 and multi-device web design and development. He also loves biking!

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