Learn HTML5 At Langara College

Course Overview

HTML5 and Web Applications will introduce you to a number of features of the HTML5 specification and related technologies including the new semantic elements, web accessibility, embedding audio and video, enhancing web forms, geolocation, drawing with Canvas and local data storage.

In class you will build a website incorporating many of the HTML5 and related Javascript APIs.

NOTES: Knowledge of JavaScript programming is strongly recommended for this course. CSS3 is not covered in the course. See CSS3 and Responsive Web Design.

Topics you will learn

  • HTML5 elements
  • Web Forms
  • Web Audio and Video
  • Drawing with Canvas
  • Web Accessibility
  • Web Storage
  • Geolocation
  • Drag and Drop


Dave Arthur

Dave Arthur is a front-end web developer and web technologies instructor living and working out of Gibsons, BC on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Dave passionately follows progressive web technologies and techniques including HTML5, CSS3 and multi-device web design and development. He also loves biking!

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