Mobile Device Sharing on the Sunshine Coast

Dave Arthur

Mobile device usage is increasing

Image: Screenshot of chart showing shipments of PCs and mobile devices in July 2014

Even ELMO has a phone!

Image: Elmo looking at his phone

Mobile website/app development is becoming increasingly important

Image: Two women have conversation with tablet

Device fragmentation a problem

Image: Fraction of mobile device landscape

Current mobile testing

  • In-browser
  • Emulators
  • Testing services (e.g. Browserstack)
  • Device

Devices essential for testing website/app

  • Performance
  • Touch
  • Usability/accessibility
  • Advanced device features
  • Network latency

Idea: Device sharing on Sunshine Coast


Device sharing program - individual contacts or maybe group meetings. Directory of available devices.


Open device lab - physical location (e.g. Fuse) with donated devices for testing

Open device labs

Image: Open device labs website

Open device labs in North America

Image: Open device labs map in North America

Interested in device sharing on the Coast?
Let’s talk!

dave (at) davearthurweb (dot) com

Thanks for listening!

Image credits:

  1. Devices by Jeremy Keith
  2. Gartner Device Shipment Chart via TechCrunch
  3. Elmo by Ed Yourdon
  4. Tablet demo by innovate360